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For any questions about our policies, please contact us and we'll get you the information you need. 


Most furniture today is made from uniform materials like plastics, composites, or tiny shredded pieces of wood fibers. Even things that look like real wood, probably are not made of solid wood. Basically, you're used to seeing furniture made from giant machines and robots, not harvested from nature and sculpted by humans. 

Products made from wood are not uniform. Knots, grain patterns, color changes, and texture variations are all things we celebrate when building with real wood! Additionally, a lot of our furniture processes are accomplished by skilled craftsmen and craftsmen women using various hand tools. Our furniture PROUDLY looks unique and not manufactured on a robotic assembly line. Celebrate the inconsistencies and character as a mark of pride! 

You can learn more about celebrating the imperfect by studying the principles of the traditional Japanese aesthetical worldview: Wabi-sabi.

Most of our furniture is built and finished with the intention of being used indoors in a climate-controlled environment. Any outdoor use of our furniture is untested and may result in warping/weathering beyond our expectations for quality and longevity.

Please note all products made by Eragon Carpentry will have the Eragon Carpentry Logo Engraved on the item.


All sales are final after the purchased items are released by Eragon Carpentry to the shipping company or the customer. We are not responsible for any damage to the product after the items have been released. The customer will find making an insurance claim with the shipping company, then contacting us to reorder the item as the best route forward.


Eragon Carpentry is not responsible for any misspelled words, typos, or similar grammatical errors submitted with an order. Unless the purchaser explicitly asks for a change to an order, the submitted text will be used to personalize each item.

We will do our best to make necessary changes to a personalization order (mistakes happen!) but we cannot guarantee your request for any changes submitted more than 12 hours after the order was originally submitted.

We will not personalize any item using words of profanity, hate speech, overtly sexual messages, or any other language deemed inappropriate (at the sole discretion of Eragon Carpentry)


OK, so you're reading this page. That means you're more curious than the average person, or you have an issue and want to know how to resolve it. If you're the latter, we're on the same team! People aren't perfect, and sometimes life happens. Let's work together to resolve these issues like responsible members of society.

If at any time a customer gets rude, hateful, or aggressive towards Eragon Carpentry or any of its representatives, our customer service folks will cease all communication with them. We will not allow our employees to endure verbal abuse from our customers. We stand behind our products and services, but outlandish behavior will not be tolerated.


For any Custom Work a Non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before any project is started. Bulk Orders requires a Non Refundable Deposit of 50%. We will confirm this with you in your Quotation what is required.


We will confirm with you when you place your order on the lead time, as we custom make all products we cannot guarantee a set Lead time, we will however endeavor to meet the lead time given.


Should you fail to collect your completed product after 30 days, we will sell it to recover costs. (Unless you have notified us).


We do offer Local Deliveries, please contact us with the address so we can quote you accordingly. Collections of Products by Appointment only.


We are not VAT registered 

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